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look in my eyes... Im jaded now... whatever that means...

--Smiles.-- Hahaha scaring people is funny. ha ha. anywho. Kris said he'd call at nine. It didnt happen. Im ok. I think Ill see if Chels wants to crash mabey Wed. night. I think Im going to hang out with Kris tomorrow... her on Wed & then Boo on Thurs & Fri & go mallin. Dude last week was fun. Ha ha ha #6!! haha. No offence Chels. Woo.. im in a good mood for being not called. hmmm... im so happy though. He makes me really happy...... wow. Im..... happy. --contemplates this fora min.--
Well Finals were easy. I ahve nothin else to say. Ill ttyl. I love you all. *mush*
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