Im Just ducky

He he

I figured out how to get my game to work... Im going to go pretend im driving.... ha ha ha. life is getting better.
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Dat at the office


People. Go to Jillians tonight!! were going to meet up there at 6 prolly... its gunna be OOBER fun!! I love you all! call me later & shit... 678 887 1937. bye
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Im Just ducky

ha ha ha ha. This was me when i was younger. what happend?

Perfect Little Girl
Perfect Little Girl.

Wow! You managed to get Sasami! You are kind and
goodhearted, always wanting the best for others
and trying to spread your good mood around.
That is a wonderful way to live and your good
ways will pay off in the end. (Don't forget to
rate the test)

What kind of little girl are you? (new picture results)
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Im Just ducky

I dont schneep now...

Im kind of tired but I cant go to sleep right now. Well... I mean. Nevermind... Im learning to mumble from Kris. ha ha ha. I wont get to talk to him for a few days b/c he'll be on his stupit cruise. Owell. im gunna go to bed now... im tired. i love you all. *mush*
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Make it stop

These fukin things are always right.....except im not pretty.

You're just a broken doll...the depressed beauty,or
at least, that's your opinion...excluding the
beauty part of course. You don't see your own
beauty,but rather, are appaled by it. A
million people could stand on a soap box,
preaching to you about your goodness, your
beauty, and you purity, but you would ignore
them, taking there truths for granted. You're
more likely to slit your wrists than recognize
all th love people feel for, all that
makes is a shell of what once was, and what
could be again.

What Kind of Person Are You?
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Make it stop

"im not crazy, Im just a lil imparied, I know right now you dont care...."

So... Tomorrow is fathers day. I have no father. Owell... I cant go anywhere or do anything b/c Mom wont be here & All my friends are going off to do shit with the fathers. This is all so wonderful. Anywho... im prolly going to spend the night with Becca tomorrow night... When shes back at her moms. Until then ill jus be stuck in my house. Sometimes its just not fair... I need someone without a father to come hang tomorrow. It wont happen. Owell... im gunna go talk some more then bounce off. I love you all. *mush*
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    "im not crazy im just a lil un well...."
Make it stop

Am i suppost to be offended?

sex hippie

You Are A Sex Hippie!

You are not the kind that exudes sexuality in any way.

You are open to new things and are willing to explore anything your lovers suggest.

However, being the hippie that you are, you open your heart (and legs) to anyone who you might run into at the time you do.

This might have worked in the 60's, when everyone was a hippie -

Those hippies didn't much care for hygiene, beardgrowth or personal grooming...

But in the 21st century people tend to attach a little to those quirky cultural values.

Although, loving as you are in your very own special way, your lovers are able to bypass any Phish-y smell.

They just go straight on to the warm loving, which is as pleasurable as anything.

What Sexy Woman Are You?

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