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Mabey if you felt like i feel id be the one for you.

I really hope Kris calls me today. I really needed to talk to him last night but it was too late to call & his cell is fucked up.... I had a bad dream about him. I hate this. Mabey I shouldnt sleep anymore. nothing good can come from it. So hes the plan for today:
Me & Boo are gunna go swim in a while then were going to the mall where im going to bum around till me & chels go home.
LOL!! I accidently flooded Beccas B/r .... I didnt know she had holes in her shower curtain & i put the thing against it & when I get out the was a pool instead of a floor... It was sexy... he he he. anywho.
Im gunna go now. Love you all!!
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